Selling – Bringing the Best Kennewick Sale Home

When it comes time to sell a home and move on, there are a few things you cannot control like the location of the home, the way your neighbors leave toys in the yard, or how close the nearest grocery store might be. However, the list of things you can control is much longer, and as potential buyers walk through your property, making sure it is in top shape and ready to house the hopes and dreams of those buyers can go a long way towards quickly selling your Kennewick home for top dollar.

As the Lane Real Estate Team, it is our top priority to get the best possible price in the shortest possible time for your home. Of course, there are a lot of variables in that equation, but the ones that you the seller have control over are the ones that we focus on. We might not be able to help you control the real estate market, but we can certainly help you clean up the garage or attractively stage your home. With a handful of small steps, you can maximize the effect your home has as buyers come through on showings.

Be Your Best Resource

We have over 20 years of combined experience buying and selling real estate in the Kennewick area, but that doesn’t mean that we know each nook and cranny of your home. The best possible authority on the home you’re trying to sell is you and while we might have lots of great ideas on how to stage your property, you know it best. Communicating the nuances of the home that have meant something to you and showing extra care and value to the property is an important part of maximizing all the benefits of your home.

Allow The Buyer’s Mind to Wander

A buyer wants to be able to see themselves in your property and with some extra effort spent on cleaning the home and removing excess clutter, you can help the buyer quickly put themselves in your shoes. It is amazing what removing a few items from your living room can do to a potential buyer’s view of your property. Instead of examining how you lived in the property, they are instead able to see their own furniture in the room and see themselves signing on the dotted line.

Don’t Stay Cooped Up

Many sellers pay special attention to the inside of a home but then forget to put some time and effort into sprucing up the exterior as well. Your landscaping can make a great first impression on a buyer as they drive up for the first time. A well-manicured lawn and some attractive landscape elements can give your home that elusive real estate buzzword, curb appeal. Don’t sell your property short by sticking only to the inside as a quick pass with the lawn mower can make a world of difference.

Our Philosophy

The guiding principle of our real estate careers has always been to provide the best possible customer service. Putting your home on the market is an important personal step and as the Lane Real Estate Team, we take your level of satisfaction very seriously at every step of the process. With honesty and open communication, it is our sincere hope that selling your home is a stress-free process that leaves you eager to tackle your next home. Good old-fashioned customer service is what we hang our real estate hat on, and we hope that you will experience that firsthand by listing your home with the Lane Real Estate Team.